I- Adintime : Smart Media buying 

 Since 2015, we started the ADINTIME.COM journey, a journey to improve for all the media buying experience

ADINTIME relies on a team of media experts who will be able to offer you optimized media solutions locally, nationally and internationally.

An online platform dedicated to media buying

We simplify and streamline media purchasing by offering an easy-to-use service for advertisers. We started by referencing the press media, and are gradually opening the platform to all media. On Adintime, our customers can consult the available media, obtain quotes on the available media, validate and follow their media plans thanks to our innovative technology which digitizes and automates the management and monitoring of media campaigns. If a media is not available on the platform, just submit a brief here and the experts will take over.
Why this platform?
At a time where automation is growing for the media buying industry, we wanted to get away from it. We believe in the power of digital as a leverage to make media information easily accessible and understandable by everyone from everywhere, but we especially believe in human interaction and choices when it comes to delivering the right media solution tailor made for each unique advertiser.

What is the interest for publishers?

It's about using the power of digital to display your media offer to much more advertisers, while ensuring that it is in a premium context, secure and completely adaptable to your media.
Highlighting your media on ADINTIME is an additional, digital visibility allowing you to reach out to local, national and international advertisers. ADINTIME is an additional online sales channel, with no commission. It is also the guarantee to validate each of your quotes yourself, to keep control over the advertisers who come to you, on the prices and locations offered. We will buy your ads the same way you are used to do with your regular buyers, unless that with is it will be even smoothier !

II- Our media agency

We deliver media solutions tailor-made for our advertisers.

We work a lot in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) as well as in digital media (programmatic or over the counter) or on traditional media such as press, radio, billboards or TV sponsorship.

Our services: 

- Tailor-made media strategies adapted to your objectives and budgets 

-A media buying process using simple, efficient and transparent methods.

-A sharp optimization of each media budget