About Us

Adintime: Smart Media Buying

Since 2015, Adintime has embarked on a journey to enhance the media buying experience for everyone.

Our team of media experts provides optimized media solutions locally, nationally, and internationally through our online platform.

We want to make advertising accessible to everyone.

For many SMEs, the media buying process is often:

Too complex.

Not knowing where to begin or having too many choices with inadequate information.

Too time consuming.

Conversing with different media companies is often a lengthy process.

Too expensive.

For businesses that don't buy frequently or in large number, the costs can run high.

Our Platform

Adintime simplifies and streamlines media purchasing with an easy-to-use service for advertisers. Initially focused on outdoor advertising, we now offer a wide range of media options. Customers can:

  • Browse all available media with a few clicks
  • Get free quotes
  • Validate and manage their media plans with designated media expert

Even if a particular media you are looking for isn't on our website, our ad experts can help.

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What Can Adintime Do For Media Companies?

Online visibility for your media to local, national, and international advertisers.

Increased media sales through our targeted marketing strategies to a diverse pool of audience.

A seamless buying experience smiliar to traditional methods, but even smoother.

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