Airport Advertising

Airport Advertising in Hong Kong presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to showcase their brand in a space that is associated with global connectivity and sophistication. Hong Kong International Airport, a busy hub of international travel and commerce, sees a daily influx of mid to high-income demographic, including business leaders, tourists, and local travellers. This provides the opportunity for advertisers to make a lasting impression on a global audience. With a range of advertising options, from traditional billboards to digital displays, airport advertising allows for creative and dynamic engagement with travellers.





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Why Advertise at the Airport and Airport Express?

  • High-Impact Visibility: Advertising at the airport and along the Airport Express line guarantees high visibility due to the constant flow of travelers. Airports and transit lines are places where people have time to observe and absorb information, making them more likely to engage with your advertisement.

  • Affluent Audience: Airports are frequented by a high-income demographic, including business professionals and international tourists. This audience has significant spending power, making them an ideal target for premium brands and services.

  • Extended Exposure: Travel often involves waiting, providing a unique opportunity for prolonged exposure to your advertisement. This extended engagement time increases brand recall and the effectiveness of your message.

  • Global Reach: Advertising at the Hong Kong International Airport and Airport Express connects your brand with a diverse, global audience, enhancing your brand's international presence and appeal.

  • Diverse Advertising Options: From large-scale billboards to interactive digital displays, airport advertising offers a variety of formats to suit different campaign needs and creative visions, allowing for a more tailored approach.

  • Strategic Placement: Advertisements can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas, such as near check-in counters, baggage claim areas, and along the Airport Express route, ensuring maximum exposure.

  • Brand Association: Associating your brand with the dynamic and prestigious environment of an international airport elevates brand perception, associating it with luxury, innovation, and global connectivity.

  • Customizable Campaigns: Airport and Airport Express advertising campaigns can be customized to target specific demographics or flights, allowing for a more focused and effective advertising strategy. 

Airport Express Audience

  • Airport Express Passengers Average Age: 35 years old

  • Education: 67% university or above

  • Occupations: 40% are professionals, managers, executives, and business owners

  • Average Household Income: HK$51,500/month

  • Average Personal Income: HK$31,100/month 90% of passengers take at least 2 trips a year

  • Average Travel Spend: HK$19,500

  • High spending power with money spent on luxury watches, cameras, and fashion

Airport Advertising Formats

  • Digital Displays: High-resolution digital screens strategically placed in high-traffic areas. These displays can show animated or static content, offering flexibility and the opportunity for real-time updates or interactive content.

  • Billboards and Large Format Prints: Traditional yet effective, large billboards and banners are visible from a distance, offering high-impact brand exposure. These can be located in various areas such as terminals, concourses, and along the Airport Express route.

  • Backlit Displays: These illuminated displays are effective for capturing attention in both day and night settings. Commonly placed in waiting areas, corridors, and baggage claim areas.

  • Hanging Banners: Positioned in high-visibility areas such as terminal ceilings, these can provide a 360-degree view, maximizing exposure from all angles.

  • Interactive Kiosks: These kiosks not only display advertisements but also interact with the audience through touch screens, offering information, games, or promotional content.

  • Branding on Moving Walkways, Escalators, and Elevators: Advertisements placed in these areas are eye-catching due to their unique locations, ensuring prolonged exposure as travelers use these facilities.

  • Airport Express Train: Various types of train advertising is available. For example Seat Back Stickers, Window Stickers, Station Advertising, Full Train Domination etc.

  • Luggage Trolley Advertising: Ads placed on luggage trolleys offer an innovative way to reach travelers as they move through the airport.

  • Lounges and VIP Areas Branding: Exclusive advertising in lounges and VIP areas targets a more affluent and business-oriented demographic.

  • Interactive and Augmented Reality Experiences: These modern advertising methods engage travelers by offering immersive and memorable brand experiences.