Taxi Advertising

Taxis are public transport that serves 24 hours a day, taxi advertising is like moving billboards that allow your ads to be seen around the city. The advertisements can be placed on the taxi body, back, or on top of the taxi.  Taxi ads include 2D and 3D which allow you more room for creativity.





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Why Taxi Advertising?

Taxi advertising in Hong Kong presents an innovative, 24/7 marketing solution that guarantees high visibility and exposure, leveraging the non-stop nature of taxi services. Taxi ads, consistently on the move, offer a dynamic platform for your brand, ensuring that your message reaches a wide and diverse audience at any hour. The omnipresent nature of taxi ads ensures that your advertisement gains maximum exposure, especially in high-traffic areas frequented by individuals with significant purchasing power, such as airports, upscale hotels, and bustling downtown districts.

Leveraging taxi interior advertising, you can captivate a captive audience with strategic placement of ads on the back of the front seats, engaging passengers during their ride. This intimate setting allows for detailed presentation of your message, resonating with passengers as they commute.

Furthermore, taxi roof top advertising takes your campaign to new heights, literally. Options like the innovative Lightbox utilize the taxi's service light to illuminate your ad, making it a luminous beacon amidst the city's hustle and bustle. For an even more striking impact, 3D Top ads add a dimensional twist, transforming your advertisement into a moving, eye-catching display.

Taxi advertising in Hong Kong isn't limited to a static route or location. Unlike other forms of public transportation, taxis traverse the city's streets, unlocking coverage and audience reach for your campaign. This mobility ensures that your taxi ad isn't confined to a specific area, making every corner of Hong Kong a potential hotspot for your brand's exposure.

Types of Taxi Advertising

4-Door Sticker: Focuses on advertising on the taxi car body, advertisements are placed on the 4 doors. It is the most eye-catching area of the taxi hence it brings the audiences’ attention to the advertisement.

Whole Body Sticker: Focuses on the taxi whole body and stickers are applied to both sides of the taxi. The car bodies act as the main advertising space for product information and company profile. It has a larger advertising area than 4-door taxi stickers. It allows you to put in more information or to create a larger picture.

Lightbox: Taxis has a service light on the roof to signal the taxi is available. Lightbox advertisement covers the service light such that when the service light it on, it lights up the lightbox, turning your advertisement into a luminous OOH standing out amidst the vehicles. 

3D Top: 3D top has a similar mechanic as the lightbox advertisements but is more eye-catching as the advertisement would be three dimensional and seems like a figurine or sculpture on the top of a moving taxi. 

Taxi Parade:  A team of taxi with your advertisement appearing and cruising around the city as part of your campaign. It is certainly unexpected and unusual for pedestrians to see and would leave quite the impression for the audience.

Rear Windscreen Sticker: A thin banner sticker on the top of the taxi’s rear windscreen. Though it is an exterior advertisement on the taxi, it is in a less prominent positions than door stickers or lightboxes, still it is efficient to put out your message and advertise to people at the back of the taxi. Since it is smaller in size, you can put in the most crucial information and is more direct.

Interior Backseat: Stickers located on the back of the front seats inside the taxi. Unlike the previous types of taxi advertising, this advertises to the passengers of the taxi instead of just pedestrians. Most people are seated in the backseat of the taxi, so it has the most ideal positions. Furthermore, the passengers are going to spend more time than the pedestrians looking at the taxi since they are inside it, so it only makes sense to also advertise to the passengers as well. They are more likely going to look at the advertisement in detail. 

Taxi Advertising Cost

Taxi advertising rates vary based on the format and duration, with options such as the Rear Windscreen Sticker providing a cost-effective yet impactful advertising solution.

An example of taxi advertising rates of 4-door stickers and whole body stickers for reference:

4-Door Sticker: $288-$780 per taxi

Whole Body Sticker: $328-$998 per taxi

Taxi advertising is usually charged per month while there could be packages for a few months or a year. You can consider how long you want to advertise and the discount percentage. 

When considering taxi advertising rates, it's essential to weigh the duration and visibility of your campaign. Taxi advertising prices in Hong Kong are competitive, offering various packages to cater to your specific needs and budget. Whether opting for short-term exposure or a prolonged campaign, taxi advertising provides a flexible and efficient platform to amplify your brand's presence in the bustling cityscape.

To maximize your investment in taxi advertising in Hong Kong, consider the strategic placement, format, and duration of your campaign, ensuring that your message not only reaches but resonates with your target audience, driving engagement and fostering brand recall. With its dynamic nature and diverse format options, taxi advertising stands as a cost-effective, high-impact solution for brands looking to make a lasting impression in the vibrant city of Hong Kong.