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Hong Kong's bus advertising, tram advertising, and minibus advertising are dynamic and highly visible ad medium that traverses the bustling cityscape, capturing the attention of both residents and tourists. One key benefit is their extensive coverage throughout the urban landscape, ensuring broad exposure for advertisers. Additionally, the slow-moving trams provide prolonged visibility for ad campaigns, making them an effective means to convey brand messages and promotions to a diverse and captive audience on the move.





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Bus and Tram Advertising in Hong Kong

Advertising through Hong Kong's public transportation network, including trams, buses, and minibuses, presents a versatile array of formats to engage with a diverse audience across the city. It is a popular OOH advertising method chosen by many brands and advertisers everyday. It certainly is very much woven into the city's urban landscape.

Tram Advertising

Tram advertising options encompass both tramcar body and tram shelter placements. These iconic trams traverse the entirety of Hong Kong Island, offering an exceptional opportunity for brands to capture the attention of both local residents and tourists. For specific pricing details, browse through our tram advertising listing including tram shelter ads and get a quote from us!

Tram Advertising with Adintime

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Tram Advertising Statistics

  • 4,941,000 monthly tramcar passengers
  • 1,280,000 monthly outdoor advertisements seen on tramcars

Hong Kong Island Statistics

  • Highest millionaire density of 23%
  • Highest luxury car ownership of 11%
  • 76% of top companies/head offices are on Hong Kong Island
  • 91% of top bank head offices are on Hong Kong Island with 82% of which are located in Central

Areas Covered by Tramway

Tramway services are only available on Hong Kong Island and are predominantly on main roads close to Victoria Harbour. Tramways connects Kennedy Town and Shau Kei Wan, though some routes do not necessarily travel the entirety of the tramway. The most noteworthy areas are the metropolitan zones and luxury residences in Central, financial hubs in Admiralty, large shopping areas and recreational facilities in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay, and major local residential area and commercial hub of international corporations in Taikoo Shing and Quarry Bay.

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Bus Advertising

Bus advertising in Hong Kong is available in several formats, including bus body advertisingbus stop advertising, and bus interior advertising. Ads on buses are an omnipresent feature of the urban landscape, guaranteeing extensive exposure for advertisers. Typical bus advertising cost (including bus stop advertising cost) ranges from approximately HKD 92,000 to 270,000 for a four-week campaign, with rates subject to negotiation based on individual campaign requirements.

Bus advertising

HK Dancesport Association bus body ad with Adintime

Minibus Advertising

Minibuses advertising options include car body and interior. While minibuses have a smaller capacity compared to buses, they remain a popular mode of transportation in Hong Kong. Minibus advertising cost varies depending on factors like ad formats and campaign duration. To obtain precise pricing information, see our offerings and request a quote!

These advertising opportunities within Hong Kong's public transportation system provide brands with a wide-reaching platform to effectively connect with both the local populace and visitors. The flexibility in pricing structures ensures that campaigns can be tailored to specific objectives and budget considerations. We at Adintime offer tailored-made campaigns suited to your needs. Click here to a brief!

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