OOH /DOOH advertising in Hong Kong: Formats and Rates

OOH /DOOH advertising in Hong Kong: Formats and Rates

OOH advertising in Hong Kong has grown from 4 billion in 2015 to around 4.6 billion HK dollars in 2021. This definitely gives us hints about how popular OOH is as a type of advertisement in Hong Kong. Now let’s introduce you to some of the types and prices of Outdoor advertising in Hong Kong!

What is OOH in Hong Kong? <<

OOH stands for ‘Out of Home’, which features display advertisements outdoors. As millions of passengers walk around the city every day, an excellent billboard not only catches eyes but also produces a significant impact on your brand. With rapid technological growth, digital OOH started to emerge and create a new outdoor advertising era.

What is the purpose of OOH?

Implementing several OOH campaigns helps to instil confidence into your audience's mind and reinforce your brand's authority. Some research also shows that OOH is gradually replacing television as the biggest driver for brand awareness and conversion.

See a list of the 7 best OOH advertisement examples in Hong Kong.

There are various types of OOH in Hong Kong and below, we will briefly introduce them in each category with detailed formats and rates:

Outdoor Buildings Advertising

Outdoor Buildings Advertising Hong Kong

Static Outdoor Advertisement (OOH) & Digital Outdoor Advertisement (DOOH):

Outdoor billboard, whether traditional or digital, is usually quite sizeable and is located at the entrance of MTR or places with high traffic flow. Short video ads with compelling audio effects can attract a significant amount of audience. Advertising 24/7 displays outdoors to provide viewers with more information about the brand, while also allowing the brand to connect with different types of pedestrians on the street. For example, Time Square in Causeway BayBroadway Cinematheque in Mong Kok, and New Town Plaza.

  • Rates: The rate for renting an outdoor advertising space could range from HKD 60,000 to RMB 4,000,000 per month. (Gross rate to be negotiated)
  • Formats: Sizes vary, depending on your location and the price range. It can be as small as 1.1x5.2m to 30x80m.

Pedestrian Walkway Format

The formats and the size of advertising space focused on pedestrian walkways have many variations according to the locations. It can be super small but in a high traffic area, or in large size, which aims to attract the pedestrians and the cars passing by.

  • Prices:  Similar to traditional OOH. (Depends on the size and advertising duration)

Highway Advertising

  • Format: In Hong Kong, highway advertising is slightly different from the ones abroad. In foreign countries, billboards on the highway normally tell people about the nearest place to get food or fuel. However, due to the small geographical size of Hong Kong, it is not that common for people to own a car, therefore, those who do are usually from high-income groups. Besides, for places with high traffic rates, you are not only advertising to drivers but also the passengers inside the public transport.
  • Prices: Around HKD 36,000 to 45,000. (Gross rate to be negotiated)

MTR Advertising

MTR is the most used public transport in Hong Kong. It has a daily patronage average of 5 million. It covers 64 MTR stations all over Hong Kong, helping you to reach all levels of passengers.

MTR Advertising Hong Kong

MTR General Space

  • Concourse 12-sheet /Track-side 12-sheets

Located on track facing the waiting passengers/ concourse as people walk by, it is a guaranteed position.

  • 4-sheets /6-sheets

Stickers wrap around the passage from the platform to the exits.

  • Escalator Crown Bank

It is guaranteed passengers will see it when they take the escalators.

  • Single Panel

Panels in front of the escalator. Passengers will see them as they enter MTR. Large-size billboards are available.

Special Location

  • Poster On Wall
    A great example is the tunnel in Hong Kong Station linking to Central Station. The long passage walkway is covered with creative advertisements as people walk by.
  • Random Sticker
    Custom vertical advertisements in sticker form on the wall inside MTR.
  • Pillars/Floor Vision
    Advertisements designed for the columns inside the MTR create high visibility and strong visual impact.
  • Balustrade
    Advertisements placed in the middle of the two escalators. This helps grab attention and it can lead to the MTR exit where the shop of the advertisement is.
  • Station Buntings
    A series of flag-like advertisements hung from station ceilings and larger stickers placed on the ground. They can be used for reinforcing messages.
  • Glass Panels
    Advertising stickers placed on the glass panels between the boundary between the MTR area and the public area.
  • Trackside Billboard
    Advertisement on the wall inside the railway where passengers face while waiting for MTR.
  • Platform Screen Door
    Transparent advertisement stickers on the platform doors. This helps to create high visibility and achieve awareness.

Train & Platform

Providing long viewing time as passengers commute between places.

  • Full Train Body
    Advertisements covering the train body allow passengers from the outside to see the entirety of the ad, increasing impact as the size of the train is long and large. It is best for brand promotion or product launch.
  • In-train campaign
    Set a specific theme for your campaign and use this opportunity to combine it with the interior of the train. Turning the train carts into another branded space, creating eye-catching visuals.
  • Stickers Next to Car Window/Wraparound Car Window
    Advertisements placed around the train windows allow high flexibility for the images/design.
  • Train Door Window Stickers
    A cost-effective format. Incorporating O2O can increase passengers' engagement in the advertisement. 
  • Banner
    Placed near the ceiling of the train.
  • In-train Card
    Small cards next to the saloon window (Tung Chung Line)
  • In-train TV newsstands/digital panels
    Digital TV stands inside the trains that provide video advertising space. Text carousels are also available above the train windows.

MTR Zone Domination

  • Featured Zone
    Different formats of advertisements in the same area with the same branding and colour, creating a strong visual image.
  • Interactive Element
    Incorporating QR code or NFC into the advertisement to create an instant user experience.
  • User Experience Zone
    Creating opportunities to interact with your audiences by promoting activities in MTR hot spots, such as product trials and games. Augmented reality is another popular advertising method, where you can create virtual fitting areas for passengers, holograms or interactive games.

Prices: Depending on the locations, the prices range from HKD 2300/week to HKD 79,000 per 3 weeks. (Gross rate to be negotiated)

Duration: 1 to 3 weeks per advertisement

  OOH Advertising on Tram, Bus, Taxi and Minibus

Formats:  Tramcar body, tram shelter (Travelling through the entire HK island)

Price:  Contact us to find out more about pricing.

See our current tram advertisement listings.

Formats: Super T, Hammer, Mega Rear, Double-Deck Super Whole body.

Price:  From around HKD 92,000 to 27,000 for 4 weeks (Gross rate to be negotiated)

Hong Kong Bus Body Advertising Formats

  • Taxi Advertising

Formats: 4-door stickers, whole body stickers, 3D tailor-made lightbox, normal light box, taxi parade.

Price: From HKD 32,000 to 40,000 (Gross rate to be negotiated)

See our current taxi advertisement listings.

  • Minibus Advertising

Formats: Car body and seats.

Price: Contact us to find out more about pricing.

See our current minibus advertisement listings.

Airport & Airport Express (MTR)

Airport Express Advertising

There are 5 stations on the Airport Express Line, which reach 17 million passengers each year. Advertisements here not only catch the audience's attention for your brand but also create an affluent brand image. Target audiences are mainly of the ages 30 and above, and more than 60% of them are highly educated talents.

There are various kinds of airport advertising formats, ranging from zone domination, advertisement before entering the platform, a giant banner hanging from the ceiling, platform advertisement, in-train advertisement (car seats, interior and car body)

  • Airport Express

Various digital panels inside and outside of the airport express stations, wrapping around the pillars. The whole Airport Express has 8 stations in Hong Kong. 

Formats:  Panels are normally 65” (the smallest)

  • Airport Advertising Spaces

Locations for advertising:  Non-restricted areas such as check-in halls. Restricted areas such as duty-free zone, after-immigration area, central concourse, retail area, arrivals baggage reclaim hall, arrivals halls, and main departure airport road.

Price:  Contact us to find out more about pricing. 

Street OOH & DOOH

Bus Stations Advertising Panels

Bus stations are a popular space for displaying your ads creatively. It can be in the form of a 3D stand, digital video, or even an interactive game, like a claw machine or photo booth.

Formats of Bus stations advertising panels

  • Flagship Domination
  • Scrolling VIP Panel
  • Panel with Extension
  • Digital Frame/ 3-Sheet Panel
  • Mega Panel

Bus stations Advertising Panels  

Tunnel Advertising

Hong Kong has 6 main tunnels, reaching over 165 million vehicles every year and around 2 million people use those 6 tunnels each day. Placing advertisements there can attract different commuters from all regions of the city. 

Formats: A series of panels placed at the tunnels' entrances and exits. It is the first thing drivers or passengers see upon entering and exiting.

Price:  Contact us to find out more about the pricing. 

Ngong Ping 360 Advertising

Ngong Ping 360 Advertising

Various tourist places are great for ad placements. Ngong Ping 360 is a good example for targeting tourists or locals.


Price (Gross rate, not negotiated)

Entrance Queue Area (8x12 sheets lightbox, 8xposter on wall)HKD 660,000 to 600,000/year
Cable Car Body (interior/ exterior sticker) HKD 468,000/year
Event Sponsorship HKD 100,000-300,000/ event
Theatre and Experimental Street Advertising HKD 576,000/year 50,000 to 200,000/event

Event Advertising

Formats: Crystal Bus, showroom fancy truck, bus showroom (Toy crane machine, giveaway, roadshow bus, Mobile Softee-Ice cream truck)

Price: Around HKD 32,000 to 40,000 (Gross rate to be negotiated)

Period: Custom


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