Tram Advertising in Hong Kong: What You Need to Know

Hong Kong Tramways has long been established as an iconic and historical landmark. In addition to its old-time charm, its functionality that serves Hong Kong Island commuters and tourists must be recognized! At Adintime, we're seeing the demand for tram advertising is on the rise. Let's explore what makes tramcar ads tick, from the perks and drawbacks to costs and audience insights.

Ding Ding...Fun Fact:

叮叮車 Ding Ding

Source: Ayla Leung via Unsplash

The tram in Hong Kong is also known as "Ding Ding" because of the distinctive and endearing double bell ring it uses as a "horn". On Hong Kong Island, both foot and vehicle traffic are constantly high throughout the day. As tramcars travel among the crowd, they need a clear and sharp sound to alert people of their approach. The bell's "ding ding" sound started as a practical safety measure, but it has also become an iconic auditory symbol of the tram itself. 

Advantages of Tram Advertising

To talk about why you should advertise on Hong Kong Tramways, we shall start by discussing the advantages of which. Just to name a few...

You Can't Miss Them: High Visibility in High Traffic Areas

High Visbility Tramway Advertising

Source: drown_in_city via Unsplash

  • Ubiquitous Presence: Hong Kong Tramways traverse the most active and central districts of Hong Kong, such as Central, Wan Chai, and Causeway Bay. The routes cover major shopping areas, business districts, and tourist hotspots, ensuring that your advertisements are seen by a wide and varied audience. Furthermore, tram shelters are situated in the middle of major roads. Along with its big eye-catching structure, it is sure to attract attention of the passerbys.

  • Elevated Viewing: The double-decker tramcar structure means your ads are displayed above the level of other street-level distractions. This elevation makes "Ding Ding" ads more visible and less likely to be obscured by pedestrians, street signs, or other vehicles.

Source: Harvey Abayasiri via Unsplash

  • Repeated Exposure: Given Hong Kong Tramways' consistent routes, people who live, work, or frequently visit those areas are exposed to the ads multiple times a day, reinforcing brand recall and message retention.

Source: Cheung Yin via Unsplash

Good for Your Wallet: Cost-Effective Advertising

  • Extended Duration of Campaigns: Unlike digital ads that can disappear in seconds or print ads that might only last as long as the publication's issue, a tram ad can have a longer shelf life that exists in a physical form. Your one-time investment ensures that the ad will be visible for an extended period, usually ranging from a minimum buy of one month to months on end.
  • Comprehensive Packages: Many tram advertising packages include the creation, setup, and maintenance of the ads, offering a hassle-free solution for businesses. Advertising combinations are also available with a strategic mixture of tram shelters and selected bus shelters. This comprehensive approach can be more cost-effective compared to other advertising mediums that might require separate fees for production, placement, and maintenance. See this creative tram ad example from Design District Hong Kong that encompassed tramcar, tram shelter, and tram interior ads:

  • Broad Reach, One Platform: Instead of investing in multiple forms of media to reach different audiences, tram advertising allows you to reach a diverse demographic - from local residents to international tourists - all through a single platform.

Cool Factor: Iconic Symbol and Brand Association

  • Historic Charm: The Hong Kong Tramway is over a century old and is deeply ingrained in the city's history and culture. Associating your brand with this iconic symbol can infuse it with a sense of heritage, trustworthiness, and reliability.

Souce: drown_in_city via Unsplash

  • Cultural Icon: Locals have a sentimental attachment to the beloved trams, often perceiving them as more than just a mode of transportation. By advertising on tramcars, your brand becomes part of the city's living culture, potentially fostering a stronger emotional connection with the audience.
  • Creative Showcase: The unique shape and structure of the tramways offer a creative canvas for advertisers. Innovative and eye-catching designs on this moving platform can significantly enhance brand image and make a lasting impression.

Source: Marketing-Interactive

Green is Good: Eco-Friendly Brand Image

Source: Patone

  • Sustainable Advertising: Trams are one of the most environmentally friendly modes of public transportation. They are electrically powered, producing zero emissions on the street. By choosing to advertise on trams, brands can align themselves with sustainable practices and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

  • Corporate Responsibility: Leveraging an eco-friendly platform for advertising can be part of a brand's corporate social responsibility strategy. It sends a message that the brand is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and contributing positively to the city's environment.

  • Positive Brand Association: As public awareness of environmental issues grows, brands associated with green initiatives are increasingly favoured by consumers. Advertising on trams can enhance a brand's image, positioning it as a forward-thinking, environmentally responsible entity.

Disadvantages of Tram Advertising

Just like any other medium, advertising on Hong Kong Tramways doesn't mean the absence of downsides. It is still an iconic and great advertising medium for many brands, nonetheless. However, here's a few you might want to keep in mind:

  • One Size Fits All: Your tram ad will travel everywhere, so pinpointing a specific group of people can be tricky.

  • Weather Woes: Outdoor ads can get roughed up by rain or sun, affecting how they look.

  • Space Crunch: You've got limited room to work with, so your ad needs to fit the tramcar shape and size.

  • Ad Overload: Lots of tram advertisements along with other forms of media fight for attention in these spaces. Yours needs to stand out.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost for tram and tram shelter ads can vary. It depends on how long you want your ad up, which tram routes you pick, and how big your ad is. Generally, you might be looking at a starting point of HKD 350,000, approximately. For the best deal, talk to our Adintime ad experts!

Where and Who?

Trams zip through areas like Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, and North Point, catching the eyes of everyone from office workers and local shoppers to tourists. If you're after a broad audience, trams are your best bet. For a more focused approach, pick tram shelter ads in areas that match your target market.

Here is some interesting information on the target audience of Hong Kong Tramways ads:

  • Almost 5 million monthly passengers on the tram routes
  • Estimated 1.28 million reach of the tram ads monthly
  • An ad is seen estimated 17.6 times per audience during the campaign lifetime

Want to learn more? See more audience stats on our Tram page!


To wrap it up, tram and tram shelter advertising in Hong Kong is about blending the city's heritage with today's fast-paced lifestyle. If you're creative and understand the quirks of advertising in this unique space, you can turn these quaint trams into powerful tools that speak directly to the heart of the city.

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