The top 10 most creative Hong Kong advertisements in 2020

We had to admit that 2020 has been one with ups and downs. Even though our mobility is halted by the COVID-19, it does not stop the advertising industry from being creative. In this article, lets us review some of the innovative advertisements in Hong Kong. Giving praise to the advertisers who think out of the box and spice up our daily life 

through advertisement during this time. 

Summary of the top 10 most innovative Hong Kong advertising in 2020:

Chupa Chups Brings Joy to Children 

Chupa Chups Ad illustration

Credit: Branding in Asia

Can you guess what the illustration is presenting? Yes, the lollipop from Chupa Chupa! The cuteness level reached the maximum when Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong presented the advertising campaign to the world. The campaign wants to tell their audiences that children also need a sweet escape from their heavy homework, interest classes or even tidying up their room. The idea of the illustration is just extraordinary and out of expectation. Directly relating the product to their target audiences. 

Turning Lee Tung Avenue into a Greenland 


Clarins Oxygen Capsule

Credit: Timable

Green advertising is a really popular concept recently. Placing your advertising in an environmentally friendly way and bringing less harmful impact to our earth so it can be more sustainable. Clarins had held a campaign in the famous spot Lee Tung Street with a theme “Seed of Beauty”. They built a gigantic oxygen capsule with flower decoration and a luminous chair inside. They would like to present a greenhouse to their customers at a time where everyone has to wear a mask. The theme of the event is “let my skin breath”. Visitors can upload a photo taken during the event and hashtag Clarins, then they will receive a free gift. There was also an AR interactive game for visitors to participate in this wonderful event.

Venue: Wan Chai, Lee Tung Avenue

Date: April 2021, 15 days

Entrance: Free of Charge

The Finger Lickin Good KFC x Pizza Hut

KFC xPizza Hut Advertising Campaign

Credit: Bestadsontv

Recently, KFC has cooperated with Pizza Hut to build a gaming application. The mobile game is to ask two people to make a chicken popcorn pizza together. This is definitely the most suitable way of advertising when everyone is staying home and doing nothing.

Date: November 2020

A good commercial song sticks inside everyone’s mind -yuu

Credit: Yuu

The yuu commercial song has become the heat of the town and catches every consumer’s heart. The melody of the song is adapted from the famous songs “uptown girl” by Westlife. The catchy commercials song is so familiar with Hong Kong people that once you hum the song, it will remind everyone about the advertising brand. This can definitely achieve your long term brand recall advertising strategy.

Manning Giving Cares to the Community 

Credit: Mannings

One of the largest personal healthcare retail stores in Hong Kong, Manning has created an online advertising video that pays tributes to the community. Thanking everyone for their hard work during this difficult year and building an excellent brand image for their healthcare business, which is to make people feel cared.  

Date: December 2020

Challenge yourself with McDonald's Tongue Twister ? 

Credit: McDonald's

McDonald has partnered with the famous singer Keung To and launched a tongue twister campaign that challenges all citizens to take. The content of the tongue twister is surrounding Macdonald’s signature Keung B meal. This campaign has caused a huge resonance around the city and especially among the singer’s fans.

Date: February 2021

Let’s Travelling at Home

Hong Kong Airline Meme Ad


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us have been staying home for almost a year. While we are still unclear about when we could officially take off our masks and travel. Meanwhile, Hong Kong Airlines has engaged with the trend and tied the travel elements with meme ads. Reminding their consumers all the funny bits about travelling in their home. This meme ad has great success in promoting their brand in social media. 

 Bringing in Famous Movie Scene into your Advertisement

Credit: Tempo

Tempo has re-created a scene in the famous movie Initial T into their advertisement with a hidden line at the end of the movie. Telling the audience that as long as you have Tempo, you only need to “take 1” to solve all your problems. This not only introduces the audience about the characteristics of their newly launched product but also makes the audience stay engaged in the advertisement to see what happened at the end of the advertisement.

Date: June 2020

Flying with Cathay Pacific at Home

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific has launched a social campaign called “till we fly again”, they try to help people “fly” while we are all grounded in this pandemic situation. They encourage their customers to find wonders of the world at home and also use creative visuals elements to build different world attractions. The participant who submitted the best photos will be redeemed to have a future trip to the photo’s destination. This advertisement must be the best example for brand interaction and brand image. 

Date: April 2020

A Tourist Attraction with Ion Water

Pocari Sweat Ion Water Ad Campagin

Ion Water Outdoor Advertising Campaign

Credit: am730

Have you ever travelled to a Japanese Torii in Hong Kong?   Pocari Sweat Ion Water had organized a large scale outdoor advertising campaign for their consumers to take a break during the weekends. The advertisement set summer Japanese temples as their theme and made consumers feel like traveling into another place while we have to stay in Hong Kong. 

Date: May 2021

Venue: Lai Chi Kok D2 Place 

Size of the Venue: 12,000 Sq. feet

Entrance: Free of Charge (Free promotional gift is distributed on weekends)

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