Newspapers are the main source for people to know what is happening around them and news around the world. It is not difficult to find morning commuters holding newspapers on their way to work or school since over 50% of Hong Kong’s population still rely on printed newspapers to read the daily news despite the COVID-19 situation and a portion of the population being stuck in home. Newspaper advertisements can be printed on front and back covers of the newspaper or among the articles in the inner pages; the newspaper advertising cost would differ according to the position and the size of the advertisement. 






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Newspaper Advertising Format

Specified Position: Areas that are most easily seen and more likely to be read by readers

  • Mega Front Cover: The entire front page of the newspaper with a small box in the corner for the name of the newspaper
  • Front Cover: Full front page of the newspaper under the masthead
  • Mini Front Cover: Front-page advertisement under the masthead and a vertical bar beside it
  • Front Page Top/Bottom Banner: A horizontal bar either on the top or the bottom of the front page
  • Centre Spread: Two consecutive full pages right in the middle of the newspaper
  • Outside Back Cover: The entire page of the back cover
  • Section A: The first section of the newspaper which covers the most important news and where people pay the most attention to; Usually the 3rd,5th,7th, and 9th page.

Run of Page (ROP): The inner pages of the where articles are located

  • Full Page: One full page of advertising space in the ROP
  • Half Page Vertical: Half of the size of the full page; either upper or bottom half
  • Half Page Horizontal: Half of the size of the full page; either left or right half
  • Junior Page: Less than a full page but bigger than a quarter page; situated in the bottom corners
  • Quarter Page: One fourth of a page, usually in the bottom corners

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Newspaper Advertising Cost

Paid newspapers do not depend on advertisements on their newspaper to maintain their business since they earn revenue from selling the newspaper, hence they have a relatively lower advertising cost of HKD $165-$900,900.

For free newspapers, advertising is their main source of revenue since they do not charge readers for the newspapers, therefore the advertising cost is higher at HKD $1,450-$1,238,000.

Different areas of the newspaper have a varying price range for advertisements since the exposure of each area would differ. The newspaper advertising cost of each area are:

  • Mega Front Cover: HKD $1,068,000-$1,295,000
  • Front Cover: HKD $440,000-$1,214,000
  • Mini Front Cover: HKD $894,000-$946,000
  • Front Page Top/Bottom Banner: HKD $64,050- $542,000
  • Centre Spread: HKD $328,400-$1,002,000
  • Outside Back Cover: HKD $178,500-$885,000
  • Full Page: HKD $142,800-$571,000
  • Half Page Vertical: HKD $62,800-$279,000
  • Half Page Horizontal: HKD $61,200-$279,000
  • Junior Page: HKD $49,000-$271,000
  • Quarter Page: HKD $25,700-$126,000

Benefits of Free and Paid Newspaper Advertising

Free Newspaper

Free newspapers have a larger circulation since it being free attracts more people to read it and they are distributing in most populated areas in Hong Kong. At the same time, there are people actively giving out free newspapers, especially around bus stops while paid newspapers passively waits for readers to purchase them. The average circulation rate for free newspapers is 3,117 thousand while that of paid newspaper was about 100 thousand, prominently displaying the difference among the circulation rate between the two. The significantly higher circulation rate translates into exposure you get from your advertisement; You always want as much as your target audience to see your advertisement, and you could approach more potential clients exposing your advertisement to more people.

Newspaper layouts are more fitted for advertisements. Since free newspapers depend highly advertisements, their layouts are catered to fit more advertisements and the newspapers are designed for the convenience of the readers. For example, free newspapers use a standard size of B4 papers, as well as thinner papers than others. Not only does it make it more convenient for users to bring along, but it also helps advertisers print full page advertisements, thus ensuring the advertisements are seen and the message gets through.

Paid Newspaper

Regular readership of paid newspapers is higher since consumers must make conscious decisions before deciding to buy a newspaper, especially where there are free n where you can take any one and read some part of each. People who decide to read paid newspapers usually have the habit of reading from the same newspaper after having considered which paid newspaper they prefer. Because of this, there are a lot more regular readers for paid newspapers and it would be easier for you to target your advertisements since different paid newspapers have their demographic of readers.

The advertising cost of paid newspapers are lower as previously mentioned. The lesser reliance on advertisements allows paid newspaper to lower their advertising price. You could pay a comparatively cheaper price than free newspapers to advertise on the same pages and get readers’ attention while saving money at the same time. You do not always need to pay the highest price to effectively advertise, to reach your advertising objectives with the least cost is always most ideal and paid newspaper could offer you a cheaper option.

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