Newspapers are a primary source of information on local and global events for the people of Hong Kong. More than 50% of Hong Kong’s population continues to rely on printed newspapers, demonstrating the enduring appeal of this medium. HK newspaper advertisements offer diverse placement options, from front and back covers to strategically positioned inserts within the inner pages. Newspaper advertisement rates vary according to the position and the size of the ad.



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Newspaper Advertising Format

Specified Position: Areas that are most easily seen and more likely to be read by readers

  • Mega Front Cover: The entire front page of the newspaper with a small box in the corner for the name of the newspaper

  • Front Cover: Full front page of the newspaper under the masthead

  • Mini Front Cover: Front-page advertisement under the masthead and a vertical bar beside it

  • Front Page Top/Bottom Banner: A horizontal bar either on the top or the bottom of the front page

  • Centre Spread: Two consecutive full pages right in the middle of the newspaper

  • Outside Back Cover: The entire page of the back cover

  • Section A: The first section of the newspaper which covers the most important news and where people pay the most attention to; Usually the 3rd,5th,7th, and 9th page.

Run of Page (ROP): The inner pages of the where articles are located

  • Full Page: One full page of advertising space in the ROP
  • Half Page Vertical: Half of the size of the full page; either upper or bottom half
  • Half Page Horizontal: Half of the size of the full page; either left or right half
  • Junior Page: Less than a full page but bigger than a quarter page; situated in the bottom corners
  • Quarter Page: One fourth of a page, usually in the bottom corners

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Newspaper Advertising Cost

Paid newspapers do not depend on advertisements on their newspaper to maintain their business since they earn revenue from selling the newspaper, hence they have a relatively lower advertising cost of HKD $165-$900,900.

For free newspapers, advertising is their main source of revenue since they do not charge readers for the newspapers, therefore the advertising cost is higher at HKD $1,450-$1,238,000.

Different areas of the newspaper have a varying price range for advertisements since the exposure of each area would differ. The newspaper advertising cost of each area are:

  • Mega Front Cover: HKD $1,068,000-$1,295,000
  • Front Cover: HKD $440,000-$1,214,000
  • Mini Front Cover: HKD $894,000-$946,000
  • Front Page Top/Bottom Banner: HKD $64,050- $542,000
  • Centre Spread: HKD $328,400-$1,002,000
  • Outside Back Cover: HKD $178,500-$885,000
  • Full Page: HKD $142,800-$571,000
  • Half Page Vertical: HKD $62,800-$279,000
  • Half Page Horizontal: HKD $61,200-$279,000
  • Junior Page: HKD $49,000-$271,000
  • Quarter Page: HKD $25,700-$126,000

Benefits of Free and Paid Newspaper Advertising

Free Newspapers

Cost Effective: Free newspapers typically have lower advertising rates, making them a cost-effective option for businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Wide Readership: Free newspapers often have a broad readership base, reaching a diverse audience that includes commuters and residents who may not subscribe to paid newspapers. The average circulation rate for free newspapers is 3.12 million in Hong Kong.

Local Focus: These newspapers often focus on local news and events, making them ideal for businesses targeting a specific geographical area or community.

Quick Turnaround: Advertising in free newspapers allows for shorter lead times, enabling businesses to launch campaigns more quickly. 

Paid Newspaper

Credibility: Paid newspapers are generally seen as more credible and trustworthy sources of news, which can enhance the reputation of the businesses that advertise them.

Targeted Audience: Paid newspapers often offer specific target demographics, such as business professionals or lifestyle enthusiasts.

Longer Shelf Life: Print newspapers have a longer shelf life than online content, increasing the chances of continued exposure to the advertisement.

Editorial Support: Some paid newspapers offer editorial support to advertisers, including content creation and placement advice.

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