Magazines represent a medium of elevated production quality and meticulous printing, designed to captivate and engage readers over time. They serve as both a source of entertainment and a reliable fountain of information, spanning diverse genres from family and fashion to lifestyle and finance. Magazine advertising in Hong Kong offers a unique advantage, enabling businesses to align their brand with the content that best resonates with their target audience within the vibrant and visually captivating pages of glossy publications.



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Major Magazine Publishing Companies

Hearst Group is one of the leading media publishing companies in Hong Kong. They have associated with South China Morning Post in the past and currently publishes a collection of prestigious Chinese and English magazines, namely:

  • Esquire
  • ELLE Men
  • Cosmopolitan HK
  • ELLE
  • Harper’s BAZAAR HK
  • HK Magazine
  • The Peak

South China Media publishes an array of magazines including fashion magazines, children’s magazines and business and finance magazines. All magazines published by SC media are in Chinese, targeting the local audience. These magazines include:

  • Jessica
  • Marie Claire
  • CarPlus
  • Whiz-Kids Express Weekly

One Media Group mainly publishes lifestyle magazines in Chinese, some more general while some magazines target audience groups of a specific interest, such as:

  • Ming Pao Weekly
  • Ming’s
  • Top Gear
  • Ming Watch

Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings is the publisher of the daily newspaper Hong Kong Economic Times, yet newspapers are not the only media they publish. There are a series of lifestyle and business magazine which is published by the same company, many of which includes:

  • U Magazine
  • E-zone
  • iMoney

New Media Group mainly publishes lifestyle and entertainment magazines in a tabloid fashion. Aside from this, they also are publishing a business magazine. The magazines they publish are of the following:

  • Oriental Sunday
  • Economic Digest
  • Weekend Weekly

Sing Tao News Corporation Limited as the name suggests, mainly publishes the daily news Sing Tao Daily. However, that does not stop the company from publishing different lifestyle magazines, for example:

  • East Week
  • Smart Parent
  • East Touch
  • Caz Buyer

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Magazine Advertising Formats

Specified Position: Areas that are most easily seen and more likely to be read by readers

  • Back Cover: Many magazines do not offer their front cover for advertisements since it is the face of the magazine. You could make use of the back cover of the magazine and advertise to people without having them buy the magazine first
  • Inside Front Cover: The page inside the front cover, which makes it the first page readers would see when reading the magazine in order. This position makes it easier for readers to notice your advertisement.
  • Inside Back Cover: Situated on the inside page of the back cover. Though it is not the first page readers will see, it would be more noticeable than ROP advertisements when the reader flips through the pages. 
  • Double Page Spread: Two consecutive pages which span across the centre. With more area for your advertisement than usual advertisements, you can paint a clear picture of your product or your brand by giving a bigger visual.

Run of Page (ROP): The inner pages of the where articles are located

  • Full Page: An entire page for advertising alongside the magazine articles. 
  • Half Page Horizontal: Different magazines have different standards for ROP advertisements less than a full page. Half-page advertisements are one of the more common ones and horizontal ads can be placed either on the top or bottom half.
  • Half-Page Vertical: Very similar to half-page horizontal ads in terms of size but stands vertically. It can be placed on the left or right half. 

Why Advertise on Magazines?

Targeted Audience Reach

  • Magazines cater to specific niches and interests, making it easier to reach a relevant audience.
  • Advertising in HK Magazine allows brands to connect with readers interested in Hong Kong lifestyle and fashion.


  • Magazine ads often have a longer shelf life and more repeated exposure compared to online ads.

High-Quality Visuals

  • Magazines allow for visually appealing and high-quality ad designs, making them ideal for showcasing products, especially in fashion magazines.

Brand Storytelling

  • Magazines provide ample space for brands to tell their stories, and share brands to seamlessly integrate their products into readers' lifestyles.


  • Magazine ads are physical, providing a tactile experience that can leave a lasting impression.

Niche Market Access

  • Specialized advertising magazines cater to specific industries, ensuring direct access to niche markets.

Multichannel Integration

  • Magazine advertisements can complement other marketing channels, creating a holistic and integrated marketing strategy.

Measurable Results

  • Many magazines offer tracking and analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of magazine advertisements.

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