The Outdoor Advertising Trend You Must Know

Could your outdoor billboard capture the attention of the audience? What makes them stay longer in the information you want them to perceive? This may all seem so unfamiliar to SME so we are here to introduce you to some of the most updated OOH trends in 2021, to not only help you plan a successful advertising campaign but also a Return-on-investment(ROI) one!

As the famous agency GroupM forecasts, the advertising market will grow 12.3% worldwide in the coming years, we could clearly see the potential to invest in a good outdoor advertisement. Consumers may skip an ad or switch off the screen, but they can never turn off an OOH as it is always there.

Compulsory Elements for 2021 OOH

Firstly, let’s talk about some of the compulsory elements that cannot be omitted. You must include this in your outdoor advertisement because every competitor is doing the same too!

Want your audience to engage with your advertisement? Be agile and flexible with your ad campaign! One feature of advertising is that it often changes in a flash, hence no one really knows how consumer behaviour will shift and that’s why we need to make our ad adaptable. 

A good proof is observing how the advertising market changed when people's mobility was restricted under the pandemic era. People may want to interact and have communication with your ooh because they are working from home for too long. They may want to see something that is no longer related to social media or the big luxurious city, they just want to get outside and see some artist or nature-related billboards. 

A multi-channel integration will be a great solution in this case. As we could target a more precise target audience in ooh nowadays, it no longer acts as a fishing approach for board based audiences. We could focus our reach on a certain group of people and tailor-made their ad according to consumers’ demand. This could highly increase your ad being noticed. Generally, making good use of the big data will facilitate your ooh advert to be more personalised and localised, hence achieving high flexibility to different audiences. 

Innovative Trend for OOH

Then let's talk about the innovative trends that help your ooh stand out from others. You could see this as a reference and start to media plan your own outdoor advertising campaign. 


1. Storytelling 

This element had been a heat of the town and continues to grow as the base of all advertisement.

Whether your ooh is in event format, traditional ooh or digital ooh, it is really important that you ask yourself does your outdoor advertisement have a story behind it? If this is what you want, then you will have to come up with a character that can let your ad pop. A common storyline will be the character faces a problem and seeks help. Then, the brand of course will be the answer to the difficult situation. This is actually not a cliche and in fact, used by a lot of corporations. Taking apple as an example, let’s see how apple’s product can rescue people during their work from home journey.


If this story plot is not enough for you, then you may try out this one. Creating suspicion or curiosity in your audience by ending your story in the middle of the whole story. This will help your audience to engage more and entice them to follow the next ad to find out the end of the story.


2. Make Resonance among Audience- Guerrilla Marketing

Because of Guerrilla marketing, making your resonance about your ooh becomes a much easier job. Guerrilla marketing means the use of novel or unconventional methods to attract interest in a brand or business. The aim of it is to surprise your audience that can help your brand image to retain in consumers’ mind. 

Guerrilla Marketing Sample

                Credit to : ikonerx

Guerrilla marketing sample 2Credit to : cocosolution


3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Turning the ooh into an interactive one seems to be the flow of 2021. Various products have utilized DOOH as their main focus in the traditional outdoor market. This trend helps the audience to get more information out of the textual surface. Besides, it encourages your audience to engage in your ads.

The Future Trend for Outdoor Advertising 

OOH trend 2021

Future movements of the outdoor advertising industry are just as important as the current one. It also gives us hints on how to corporate our ad with consumer behaviours shift and the changing of technology. So our ad could be truly flexible and agile. 



 1. The Rise of “Outernet” Media


Spending too much time on the internet may actually bring the audience to a negative side, a recent report showed the attitude of the audience toward the advertisement. 

  • More than half of the interviewees said they start to turn off the online channel and appreciate the outdoor surroundings more. 
  • This phenomenon is called the “Outernet” that moving audiences interact with when they are not on the internet. 

This new era actually gives hints to the future OOH advertising. In order for a successful promotion, online or social media advertising is not enough, you will also have to add in outdoor advertising that helps the audience detach from the digital world.


2. The Shift of Consumer Behavior


Scene marketing is a new rise method for advertising. It points out that consumers will have a different attitude, focus points in different scenarios. In different circumstances, they may want different services and products, hence advertising is placed selectively and strategically to fit the life of the audience. 

With the constant changing of audiences, extending your advertising with no limit is also crucially important. As consumers may have different degrees of reliance, DOOH can change according to the demand and extend with different sceneries.


3. Digital Outdoor Advertising driving the Growth of OOH


A clear trend for outdoor advertising could be shown by the huge modification made by MTR, the transportation with the largest usage. They recently improved all their digital networks inside the stations, by investing in a new concourse digital motion network, trackside digital motion board into 108 degrees led screen and more.

One of the reasons for DOOH to be such a huge craze is due to the high return to investment factor. It has clear demographics of consumers for each MTR station. This helps to create ads that suit the consumer better. The future DOOH will be contextual with flexibility messages in the right place and timing. And this is what makes DOOH so powerful in the field of outdoor advertising.

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