Top 5 Best Advertisers in Hong Kong in 2023

In Hong Kong's competitive advertising industry, certain brands have distinguished themselves through exceptionally effective campaigns that drove great results this year. According to admanGo's Hong Kong Adspend Report Q3 2023, here are the top industries that had the most advertising budgets:

admanGo Q3 2023 Adspend Report - Top 5 Best Advertisers in Hong Kong in 2023

Even with the economic challenges that Hong Kong is facing, adspend in the third quarter this year still reached HKD 7.46 billion. Adspend dipped initially but rose by 2.6% in September. Social media ads led the growth, while TV ads saw a significant 22% drop.

Combining research data and our ad experts' insights, we would like to present you our list of Hong Kong's top 5 best advertisers in 2023. We have been keeping a close eye on these brands this year, and their ad campaign truly stood out. Let us share these success stories with you, and offer insights into the strategies and tactics that have set these campaigns apart in a saturated market. Let's do it!

Cathay Pacific

With travelling for Hong Kongers coming back in full force, a dramatic upswing is inevitably in the cards for the air travel industry. Particularly, Cathay Pacific raked in a whopping profit of HKD 4,268 million in the first half of the year. This is the result of the combination of travels resuming back to normal and their steep adspend increase of 233% compared to 2022. The company put  a lot of emphasis on getting in front of travellers' eyes with display ads, TV ads, social media ads, outdoor ads, and more. The diverse advertising channels and their large marketing budget secured its place on our list of the top 5 best advertisers in Hong Kong 2023!


Mcdonald's Raise Your Arches Campaign - Top 5 Best Advertisers in Hong Kong in 2023

From 2022 to 2023, we saw a 114% increase in adspend at McDonald's. This sizeable increase was invested into popular campaigns like "Raise Your Arches" which featured many of Hong Kong's iconic figures in the entertainment industry. All their campaigns combine digital and offline elements to reach across generations which is an essential strategy for a brand with such a diverse audience, therefore, earning them a place on our 2023 best advertisers list!


Although Samsung only saw a 4% increase in adspend in 2023 Q3, we must include them in our top 5 advertisers in Hong Kong this year because of the award-winning campaign they did. This creative digital OOH display, which made it onto our Top 7 of the 2023 Best Ads in Hong Kong, won MARKETING-INTERATIVE Spark Awards Overall Media Campaign of the Year. The campaign was posted by over 50 influencers, resulting in 100,000 digital impressions as well as 30,000 in engagement on social media! Talk about an ad well done!

DFI Retail Group - Yuu

yuu Loyalty App - Top 5 Best Advertisers in Hong Kong in 2023

Another company we need to mention on the 2023 top 5 advertisers list is DFI Retail Group, specifically with their Yuu loyalty campaign. The company has a 6% increase in the Q3 adspend, according to admanGo. They achieved over 2 million in yuu loyalty app downloads in a month through a multi-channel advertising approach. They utilized a mix of in-store marketing across their extensive retail network and creative digital campaigns, including a catchy brand tune based on a Billy Joel song. This strategy effectively combined brand awareness with targeted actions, appealing to a broad customer base and significantly boosting app adoption.

Vita Green Health Products

Vita Green - Top 5 Best Advertisers in Hong Kong in 2023

Last but absolutely not least, as they're Hong Kong's top spender in advertising in Q3 2023, is Vita Green Health Products. You wouldn't be able to go through a single MTR station without seeing one of their ads. The company had an 11% year-over-year growth in advertising expenditure this year. Like many other advertisers, their campaign strategies usually consists of an array of channels such as MTR advertisements, other outdoor advertisements, TV, and digital, making them a suitable top advertiser on our list!


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