Top 5 Most Creative Ads in 2024

Good times fly by fast. We are halfway through 2024 already! Let’s take a quick look at some of the most creative ads that have brightened up Hong Kong this year. From eye-catching DOOH to immersive digital experiences. They are inspiring conversations and bringing smiles. Ready to explore the five most creative ads that have captured attention in Hong Kong? Let’s roll!

Hong Kong's top 5 most creative ads in 2024:

  1. Cathay Pacific: Every Move Counts Online & DOOH
  2. MTR: Mother's Day Queen Special Event OOH
  3. McDonald's: Iced Coconut Milk Latte Promo Vehicle
  4. Xiaomi Ultra 14: Beyond Light Exhibition
  5. Maxim's: Chinese New Year Video Ad

Cathay Pacific: Every Move Counts Online & FOOH

With the 2024 Olympics around the corner, we cannot talk about creative ads without mentioning an Olympic Games related campaign. This inspiring advertisement by Cathay Pacific features two-time Olympic silver medal winner Siobhan Haughey. The beautiful cinematography coupled with the touching storytelling made this ad special already. What's more, is the standout FOOH campaign in collaboration with The Henderson. Using CG technology, they simulated projection onto the building's futuristic exterior. The realistic and crystal-clear resolution truly looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. While digital screens are no stranger to Hong Kong, we are looking forward to seeing more of this kind of projected DOOH become a real thing in the future!

MTR: Mother's Day Queen Special Event OOH

We previously discussed this creative advertising campaign in the article "MTR Mother’s Day Campaign Marks A New Age of Advertising in Hong Kong". This special OOH event was held from May 1 to May 12, in celebration of Mother's Day. The installations spread across five MTR stations (Sha Tin, Causeway Bay, Kowloon High Speed Rail, Mong Kok East, and Tsuen Wan) and featured a "magic mirror" that scanned participants' faces and turned them into queen portraits. The AI technology used in this campaign generated different styles of realistic portraits including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English. QR codes were provided for downloading the results and prints were gifted out on Mother's Day weekend. To participate in this immersive experience, patrons had to book a table through OpenRice or make a purchase on TLive as a prerequisite. It was a hugely successful ad campaign that encouraged sales for partners and sponsors of this event, collected useful marketing data, and made people smile!

McDonald's: Iced Coconut Milk Latte Promo Vehicle

Continuing the theme of event OOH campaigns, McDonald's made a splash in Hong Kong with the launch of their Iced Coconut Milk Latte, priced enticingly at $9.9. To drum up excitement, they deployed custom-designed vehicles featuring oversized sculptures of the latte and coconut trees, cruising around the city to catch eyes everywhere. This creative ad medium was complemented by a mix of billboards and digital ads, including interactive social media content, creating a multifaceted campaign highlighted the drink’s novelty and  demonstrated McDonald's ability to deliver for engaging and creative advertising.

Xiaomi Ultra 14: Beyond Light Exhibition

Speaking of creative product launches, Xiaomi debuted their latest smartphone, the "Ultra 14," in March this year with an immersive exhibition titled "Beyond Light" at popup locations in Causeway Bay and Taipei Creative Park. The exhibition kicked off with a captivating light show that narrated the phone's innovative features. Visitors were then invited to personalize their own images using the AI function designed for this event. These customized images were projected onto the walls, where attendees could interact with and photograph the dynamic displays using the new Ultra 14. This hands-on experience highlighted the smartphone's exceptional camera capabilities and creatively engaged consumers, making the Ultra 14's technology both accessible and memorable. This campaign cleverly bridged technology and art, enhancing brand engagement through direct interaction and personalization.

Most Creative Ads in 2024 - Xiaomi Beyond Light Exhibition

Source: Teleport

Maxim's: Chinese New Year Video Ad

Last but no least, this Maxim's ad features a touching portrayal of a family gathering around to enjoy traditional radish cakes, a staple during Lunar New Year celebrations. The star of the show is the anime-style illustration. It showcases iconic Hong Kong landmarks such as the tramcar and traditional Chinese New Year treats. It creatively employs close-up shots and warm lighting to emphasize the texture and steamy warmth of the food, symbolizing familial warmth and togetherness. The integration of cultural significance with product placement is impactful, making this creative advertisement resonate emotionally with viewers who share these traditions. 

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